Standard Fibrescopes for Businesses and Industry

Standard Fibrescopes for Businesses and Industry

FiberOptic standard fibrescopes are available with probe diameters from 3.5 mm and effective lengths of up to six metres. In addition, the standard fibrescope is fitted with probe tips that can be deflected on two to four sides, with the option of expanding it with side view heads on a double thread.


Standard fibrescopes have the following main features:


  • Probe diameters from 3.5mm
  • From 300 mm to 3000 mm effective length
  • Probe tip deflection on two to four sides
  • Temperature resistant up to 60°C
  • Illumination via installed glass fibre light guides
  • Watertight probe and lens head


Our standard fibrescopes are flexible fibre optic endoscopes that are an invaluable testing aid in many areas of technical industry. FiberOptic industrial fibrescopes are characterised by their high quality image transmission system, their intense and uniform illumination via light conducting fibres and their robust design. The flexibility of these devices gives you perfect visualization without any complex destruction or dismantling of the test objects.


Inspections, monitoring and early detection of damage to turbines, box girders, engines, machine parts, cast parts or machinery are typical examples of the wide range of possible applications for these devices.