Micro Endoscopes with rigid Shaft

Micro Endoscopes with rigid Shaft for loss-free Image Formatting

Rigid endoscopes with small probe diameters are excellent for inspecting cavities in the smallest of spaces. For this product, FiberOptic combines the properties of high-resolution image transmission with the robust structure of rigid endoscopes.


Our micro endoscopes with rigid shaft have the following features:


  • Probe diameters from 0.9 mm
  • Effective lengths from 100 mm
  • Standard image field of 55°
  • Viewing direction options of 0°/45°/90°/110°
  • Focusable lens for depths from 1 mm to infinity


Our micro endoscopes are characterised by their tremendous robustness and high-resolution imaging. We can also provide you with other image fields and effective lengths if required.