Light Guides and Light Guide Modules

Light Guides and Light Guide Modules to suit every Customer

Our light guides transmit light over short and long distances and if required, they can transform and realign the light to the form you specify. Here we differentiate between standard light guides and special light guides for particular requirements.


Depending on the requirements and conditions, our light guides are made using various fibre types, including:


  • plastic fibres
  • glass fibres
  • quartz fibres
  • sapphire fibres



According to the respective materials, we can ensure the following properties:


  • Temperature range from −270°C to 2000°C
  • UV wavelengths from UV 180 nm to IR 3500 nm
  • Various orientations can be set for this product range
  • Sterilisable
  • Vacuum compatible


Due to their varying properties, light conducting fibres are suitable for a wide range of applications in the chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical and optics sectors.



Lichtleiter von Fiberoptic