Over forty Years of Experience in Fibre Technology and Module Assembly

FiberOptic is a Swiss fibre technology manufacturer, based in Spreitenbach near Zürich. We specialise in the manufacturing of custom and standard solutions for light guides with a variety of fibres. Each customer’s individual requirements determine how we develop technically flawless solutions for transmitting light, images or optical signals.


FiberOptic stands for flexibility and an elevated level of quality awareness in the manufacture of its fibre optic products. Furthermore, the technical research and development of our products and materials is central to our philosophy, enabling us to offer more efficient and more effective products and services to our customers.


Our company is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Flexibility
  • Innovation-driven
  • Quality awareness
  • Reliability
  • Thoroughness
  • Personal service


Kompetenz in Faser-Technologie und Baugruppenmontage