Flexible Endoscopes for non-destructive Inspection of difficult-to-reach Cavities

FiberOptic flexible endoscopes are designed to examine and monitor mechanical components and devices, e.g. turbines, cast parts, box girders and delicate machine parts, as well as to detect early signs of damage to them. Flexible endoscopes are also used for inspections in nuclear power stations, e.g. routine examinations of heat exchanger tubes.


The areas of application for flexible endoscopes are constantly increasing in number and their importance in routine inspections is growing correspondingly. Nowadays these endoscopes have become indispensable for inspections of civil and military aircraft engines and make a key contribution to the safety of day-to-day air traffic.


FiberOptic builds both standard and customised high-performance endoscopes.


Flexible Endoskopen für die Inspektionen von schwer zugänglichen Hohlräumen