Standard Endoscopes with rigid Shaft for Optimum Quality

In addition to high quality and a long service life, FiberOptic standard endoscopes also offer a robust design and high-resolution imaging. Our basic range offers fixed viewing directions in several versions including:

  • Probe diameters of 3/4/6/8/10/12/15 mm
  • Effective lengths from 125 mm to 3330 mm
  • Standard image field of 55°
  • Viewing directions can be oriented at 0°/45°/90°/110°
  • Depths from 0 mm to infinity
  • Built-in swivel optics
  • Continuously adjustable zoom lens
  • Fully rotating probe shaft provides 360° views at a 90° viewing direction
  • Panoramic optics provide 360° views at a 90° viewing direction without turning the probe

Custom probe sizes and specially designed devices and appliances can be made according to customer specifications.